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The Enforcer’s Tale AVAILABLE NOW! Life for 13-year-old Joseph Young is pre-defined, living in a small-town farming community where generations upon generations have lived, where everybody knows everybody, and where everybody takes care of everybody. When the government’s newly formed Children’s Alliance Coalition announces they will be coming to town to audit families, everybody is walking on eggshells. Families are told that if they do not meet Coalition standards, their children will be taken and placed in approved Coalition homes, never to see their families again upon fear of punishment or death.

Captured while trying to hide himself and other children, Joseph is forcibly taken from his widowed mother. Over the next six years he is groomed as an Enforcer for the Coalition. His eyes are opened to a new life of distrust, deceit, and hidden agendas. But a shocking death sets Joseph as leader of the Coalition. When he discovers that rebels are harbouring children at a secret haven called the Talon, he must decide whether to risk his own life to aid them or betray the rebels and sentence the leaders to death, including his own mother, whom he yearns to see again.

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George: A Memoir isn’t just the story of a special cat. It’s the story of how deeply a pet can affect a family, and how to cope with the loss of a furry family member. Praised as an “honest depiction” of life with a pet, George is especially helpful for children and according to one reviewer, offers “valuable information of what can happen with pets that might be scary or uncertain or that addresses the full life of a pet is often not focused on in literature for young childrenhandled well at a level kids can really understand.”

Author Joanne Kimm offers workshops to discuss dealing grieving pet loss. Contact her to request a consultation or ask for additional information.

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If you love puzzles and perusing visual mysteries, you’ll love Picture Me This! Boasting 62 pages of picture puzzles, it will test your ability to understand what you’re looking at and then some. How well can you guess what you’re looking at based on a fraction of the whole? Not only are things not always what they seem, sometimes they’re downright unimaginable! Picture Me This! is a great gift for the puzzle-lover in your life–you’ll never look at some things the same way again. Buy your copy today!

Ebook available through Kindle Unlimited; paperback available to everyone.