Books by Joanne Kimm

The Enforcer’s Tale is a Young Adult, Dystopian coming-of-age novel by Joanne Kimm. It follows the story of Joseph, a thirteen-year-old boy taken from his family and groomed to become an Enforcer for the brutal Coalition. When suddenly thrust into the role as leader of the Coalition, Joseph makes some shocking discoveries and must make a choice that pits his beliefs of right and wrong against people he most loves and admires–including his own mother.

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George: A Memoir isn’t just the story of a special cat. It’s the story of how deeply a pet can affect a family, and how to cope with the loss of a furry family member. Praised as an “honest depiction” of life with a pet, George is especially helpful for children and according to one reviewer, offers “valuable information of what can happen with pets that might be scary or uncertain or that addresses the full life of a pet is often not focused on in literature for young childrenhandled well at a level kids can really understand.”

Author Joanne Kimm offers workshops to discuss dealing grieving pet loss. Contact her to request a consultation or ask for additional information.

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If you love puzzles and perusing visual mysteries, you’ll love Picture Me This! Boasting 62 pages of picture puzzles, it will test your ability to understand what you’re looking at and then some. How well can you guess what you’re looking at based on a fraction of the whole? Not only are things not always what they seem, sometimes they’re downright unimaginable! Picture Me This! is a great gift for the puzzle-lover in your life–you’ll never look at some things the same way again. Buy your copy today!

Ebook available through Kindle Unlimited; paperback available to everyone.